I-vac Services Inc.


Tracker  RMS

Despite claims by others, I-vac Services Inc. was the pioneer of remote equipment monitoring in the dental industry.

We have been monitoring large facility systems with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) technology for almost a decade.

There are numerous ways to monitor your mechanical room equipment.

At I-vac Services, we don't try to force you into a specific technology. We offer you the solution that best suits your needs as a consumer.

I-vac Services Inc. has simple systems that are best for a dentist to monitor their own equipment, so he / she can take actions if they so choose.

We also have more elaborate systems that allow nationwide monitoring by your full service dealers, that will group dentists by geographical territory, equipment type, alarm condition type, priority levels, etc.

Persons may be grouped into tiers. to notify different people of different conditions at different times and intervals. 

The possibilities are  literally limitless.

If you feel that a remote monitoring system is a product that would save your large facility or private practice from costly down-time, give us a call to find out what a remote monitoring system can do for your protection.


The Protech Tracker System is designed to enable your FULL Service Dealer to know if & when your mechanical room equipment is in need of service. From a simple required filter replacement to a failed compressor.

Some companies "claim" remote monitoring capabilities, but their systems don't have near the capabilities of our Tracker RMS System.

Competitive systems simply monitor conditions and notify the dentist or dealer. With their systems, each installation is a "stand alone" monitoring system. Each with a different IP address and each system sending messages independently.

The Tracker RMS system was custom designed to be a tool for Full Service Dealers as well as for us as a manufacturer to better service the industry. 

The Tracker RMS  allows your Full Service Dealer to monitor ALL of their installations from a single website. All alarm conditions for all machines go to a central database and website for the purposes of centralizing all systems information. You don't have e-mails coming in from hundreds of dentist offices where systems are installed.

If the recipient is not available to respond, our system will automatically roll over to the second tier notification contact person or persons.

If their systems are unplugged, they don't work. Our system communicates with itself every 2 minutes from our host site and if there are any communication issues, a notification of communication error goes out to everyone. Lose power, NO PROBLEM. The Tracker RMS has a back-up battery and will notify ALL recipients of the power failure.

We can literally have the correct part on the way before your service technician can call us to tell us what he needs.

At a glance, any I-vac Dealer can look at the condition of ALL Tracker RMS systems they have installed in the field, at ONE TIME. 

And we, I-vac Services, can see ALL systems installed by ALL dealers at any time. This helps us improve our quality control. We know about problems as soon as they occur.

Ask our competition if they have the capability to know  that you have a clogged filter element (IN REAL TIME).

I-vac Services Inc. has that capability and has been doing so since 2009.

The Tracker system doesn't let anything get by!