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Protech Series

 I-vac Services Inc. will be releasing the NEW ProTech line of Oil-less Air Compressors in early 2017.

The powerful 2hp compressor heads deliver 6.8 cfm @ 80 psi each, making the ProTech Series, the most powerful standard dental compressor available.

The individual sound attenuation covers make these compressors quieter than most cabinet mounted compressors.

The ProTech Series was designed to interface directly with our ProTech Tracker Remote Monitoring System.



The ProTech Series Oil-less Air Compressors are currently in limited production as 8 week lead time items. We have working prototypes in the field working flawlessly for over 2 years and are almost ready to release this product line for production.

We are finalizing our manufacturing procedures to make this a standard product offering in 2017.

The Protech Series are among the quietest of any dental air compressors at only 62 dba.

The Protech 10 shown features two (2 horsepower) oil-less compressors on a 30 gallon tank.

Delivering more air than any other twin dental air compressor, the Protech has features never seen in the industry as a standard production model. Brochures will be released when production begins.

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       PRO-TECH Series Oil-Less Air Compressors

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