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       Mechanical Room Accessories


 I-vac Services Inc. offers numerous mechanical room accessories. From Low Voltage Control Panels to Air Dryers & Pressure Regulators.

Have an industrial type air compressor yet want high quality compressed air?

We have the solutions to ANY problem you may encounter.

I-vac Services Inc. represents some of the world's largest manufaturers of problem solving products for the compresed air & vacuum industries. 

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The most common method of turning your mechanical room equipment on & off is with a Low Voltage Control Panel. Our panels work off of an industry standard 24 volts AC. If you have other needs, please contact our engineering department. We can provide numerous means of controlling your equipment.

                          MD Series MEMBRANE TYPE AIR DRYERS

Membrane dryers have been around for over 20 years. Technically a membrane dryer is a dewpoint suppression device NOT a true air dryer. Membrane dryers lower the dewpoint (dryness) by a certain number of degrees, generally 50 degrees F. They are a good choice for mid performance drying 

The average dewpoint leaving a membrane dryer will be about 10-30 degrees F.

Their simple design, makes them an attractive choice over refrigerated systems, however membrane dryers use approximately 10% of the compressed air for purging. If you need a dewpoint of less than minus 10F, a dessicant dryer is the appropriate choice.


The FD Series Refrigerated Air Dryers are very efficient. They deliver a consistent 35 degree F. pressure dewpoint.

Available in sizes from 10 CFM  to 100 CFM, these dryers offer an economical means of drying your compressed air to the upper limits of NFPA dryness requirements.

                                                                   CD Series Dessicant Air Dryers

The CD Series Dryers offer a consistent (-40F) pressure dewpoint. Great for installation on large industrial type compressors or applications where a compressor is adequate, yet dry air is a must.

Easily replaced cartridges. remote alarm, integrated filters & low pressure drop are just some of the unique features of these high quality drying systems. Available in 10 CFM - 45 CFM models