I-vac Services Inc. is proud to introduce the EvacuaTorr Series Dry Vacuum Systems.

Providing innovative technologies and environmetally responsible products to the dental industry is our goal.

The EVA, EVB & EVX  Models deliver the following:

Consistent Vacuum Levels

Reliabile Performance

Quiet Operation

Small Footprint

Oil-less / Water-less Operation

Energy Efficient Design

Little Maintenance Required

Easily SOur knowledge & expertise is simply unmatched.

EVA Models: feature automatic Lead / Lag pump operation as well as alternation of pumps for more equal run time. These features save wear and energy costs, resulting in efficient vacuum for your practice.

EVX Models: feature variable speed drive technology & are available as 3 week special order items 

EVB Models: feature basic On/Off Controls. You decide which pump or pumps to run during office hours.

The same high performance of our EVA systems in a more economically priced package.

          Stackable Design

     Corrosion Resistent Materials

The EvacuaTorr Series Dry Vacuum Systems offer consistent vacuum levels, quiet operation, and are environmentally friendly. Completely Oil-less, Water-less & very energy efficient, the EvacuaTorr Dry Vacuum Systems are an environmentally sound choice for your vacuum needs.

While our competitors continue to invest significant rescources on Water Ring Pump technology, I-vac Services has been focused on changing the way the industry thinks. Through innovative technologies and control systems, we have developed a line of dental vacuum systems that deliver the vacuum you need, in a manner that does NOT negatively affect the environment.

Another design feature is our use of common components. The EvacuaTorr uses the same electrical components such as transformers, motor starters, control modules and switches as our  Vortex Series air compressors.

At I-vac Services Inc., we don't try to force you into a particular technology. We offer numerous ways to provide you with the right technology to fit both your application and your budget.

That's why we offer the EvacuaTorr Dry Vacuum Systems in THREE configurations:

BASIC (EVB Series) with simple On / Off Controls

ADVANCED (EVA Series) with automatic lead / lag controls that alternate pump usage and run only the number of pumps required to provide the right amount of vacuum for the application.

VARIABLE (EVX Series) with variable speed VFD ttechnology to automaticaly speed up & slow down pump based on system demand. 

I-vac Services Inc.     Setting NEW Standards

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