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The above, are marketing terms, used by our competitors, that do absolutely nothing to tell you the quality of the compressed air leaving their machines., and are designed to give you an "impression" of superior quality with no means of verification whatsoever. We believe the dental profession deserves better.

I-vac Services Inc. publishes ALL of the pertinent specifications neccessary, to help you make an informed buying decision.  Not only are our technical specifications accurate, but verified as well.  We test ALL machines prior to shipment for dryness and flow, with calibrated and certified test instruments.

We also periodically send out air samples for testing by a licensed and independent testing agency to ensure we meet the most stringent I.S.O. 8573.1 specifications even though we aren't required to do so.

I-vac far exceed cleanliness & dryness levels the dental industry requires.                                                         

When you purchase a machine from I-vac Services Inc., you can rest assured that your investment will perform as advertised.

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With I-vac Services Inc. you'll notice the bar and service is set a bit higher.

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Innovative Vacuum & Compression

Innovative Vacuum & Compression